“After 25+ years of receiving acupuncture from as many as ten acupuncturists and after receiving sessions from Erin for more than nine years I consider her to be the best -most skilled professional in the (he)art of healing; intuitive with both herbs & needles – warm friendly & professional sums it up.”

L. Miller


“I have been seeing Erin Prucha for 3 years, and I would never go to any other acupuncturist. Erin is simply the best, and nobody compares to her unique style and expertise. She is a gifted healer and a compassionate listener. I have never felt rushed during any of my appointments; in fact Erin goes out of her way to spend quality time with each one of her clients. I have been helped in so many areas where Western medicine would have simply prescribed medication.
Every person who chose to visit Erin because of my recommendation has been very satisfied with her as an acupuncturist, as I myself have been.”

Anamaria H.

“Erin is phenomenal about treating your whole being, not just the one area of pain, like other practitioners I have seen. I love that she really takes the time to know what’s going on and doesn’t rush your sessions. She has the amazing ability to know which organs need attention while she works on more obvious symptoms at the same time! Plus, she has great knowledge of Chinese herbs. I always feel fantastic after a session with Erin and highly recommend her!”

Kristi C. – Sebastopol


“After too many years of computer mouse use, I developed a knot in my right shoulder…the fine folks on my health plan could not relieve it. So after prior success with acupuncture on plantar fasciitis, I thought to try acupuncture on the shoulder knot. Went to Erin on a recommendation and WOW, she has relieved years of pain. The needles are VERY small and she is very considerate of the pain I presented and now no longer have thanks to her. I highly recommend Erin as a caring professional who really helped me.”

Ed K. – Windsor


“I’ve been receiving acupuncture treatments from Erin for a year and three months now and highly recommend her. My stress levels are down, as is my blood pressure. I look forward to the sessions, as Erin always has a warm smile waiting, and the treatments give me a great opportunity to relax and take care of myself. Her new office location on E Street is quite nice as well. Thanks so much, Erin!”

Barry C. – Santa Rosa


“I had received authorization from the SFVAMC (Veterans Hospital).to have acupuncture from an acupuncturist near my home in Santa Rosa. When I Googled and located four practitioners I only got a call back from one – Erin. One called me three weeks later so she didn’t even get a return call from me. I’m 66 y/o and have received acupuncture over the past twenty years from old traditional Asian practitioners as well as those who were US trained. Some good some not so good. Not so good means that I didn’t even feel good after the session not to mention getting the ailment treated. So I know when a treatment works and when it doesn’t. From my first return call to Erin and after the first session I knew I found the right person to treat me for my facial and shoulder pain. I’ve had radiation for cancer that did quite a bit of damage to my jaw and neck even though it took care of the cancer cells. The nerve damage left me with a paulsey on the left side of my mouth. I have been fortunate to receive sessions from a clinic in SF that is treating Veterans for free. These sessions along with Erin’s have resulted in improved muscle movement around my lip and jaw where there wasn’t any before the sessions, as well as a reduction of shoulder and jaw pain. As can be seen by the number of rating stars I have given for Erin Prucha I highly recommend her, for her professionalism, expertise, as well as her warm and friendly personality.”

Larry Miller – Santa Rosa


“I’ve been going to Erin for almost a year now. She’s the best. Very caring. A MUST to go get help. She’s been working on my neck, asthma and allergies. Just LOVE her to pieces.”

Cindy Wong


“I have been working with Erin for almost 2 years now. As a result I have less chronic pain and inflammation. Her use of herbs for my insomnia and anxiety has been very successful as well. Erin is very intuitive with what my body needs.”

Rosie S. – Santa Rosa


“Erin Does great work is caring, professional and a true healer. I felt years younger after my treatment.”

Nancy M. – Fairfax


“This is the place to go if you need help with women’s health issues. Erin pays close attention to your specific needs and progress. The treatments that I have had were very effective and each appointment is relaxing and a welcome retreat from the stress of life. You will find Erin to be very professional and extremely good at what she does.”

Thank you Erin.
DeeDee M. – Petaluma


Acupuncture Office in Santa Rosa


“I found Erin Prucha after doing fertility research online. I had just suffered my third miscarriage and was devastated. I was going to be starting a battery of western tests to see why my body wasn’t holding the pregnancy, but wanted to explore other options as well. Erin was confident she could help me hold on to a pregnancy and I began acupuncture treatments about a week after losing my last pregnancy. Western testing indicated my thyroid hormone levels were a little higher than desirable to supporting pregnancy and my doctor prescribed some medication that I continue to take daily. Otherwise, nothing notable came up in the testing. I also began acupuncture 2-4 times every month.

Erin identified some necessary areas of focus (namely my kidney meridian) and prescribed some herbs I took while continuing treatment with her. I found the treatments to be generally realzing and invigorating; Erin was clearly on board with preparing my body for a great and successful journey! Six months after treatment started, I was pregnant! I was both elated and nervous – would this time be different?

I continued to see Erin religiously through the first and second trimesters and less frequently in the third trimester, but I still continued treatment. When I reached my 39th week, my dr. agreed I could start acupuncture to prepare/encourage my body for labor. My beautiful son was born on his estimated due date and is perfect in every way; health included. I know that without the acupuncture treatment and herbs provided by Erin Prucha, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today – sleep deprived with my infant and loving every minute! Thank you, Erin, from the bottom of my heart!”

Maren McCloud – Santa Rosa


“Dear Erin,
I wanted to thank you for all your assistance with my fertility struggles. You gave me the one thing my doctors gave me very little of – hope. And that time hope was exactly what I needed. With your help we were able to conceive the world’s happiest, healthiest and most beautiful baby girl, our daughter Cassidy. Thank you again.”

Amy Niesen Kempiak


“When I contacted Erin about acupuncture for assistance with fertility I was coming to her from a place of frustration, sadness, confusion, and desperation. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant with our first child for a year and a half, and I had experienced just one pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage six months into that journey. I have always had irregular menstrual cycles but had noticed a pattern of a short (10-11) day luteal phase each month by using ovulation strips to track my cycles. I read every website I could find and all the recommended books and felt like we were doing everything the right way, but it still wasn’t happening. After just over a year of trying, we decided to go through the fertility clinic offered through my insurance. Although very nice, it quickly became apparent that they didn’t want to hear anything about a short luteal phase and how we could possibly correct that. I was told they didn’t think I was actually ovulating each cycle (even though all the physical signs were there that I was) and was instantly prescribed Clomid. After three rounds of the drug, all the ultrasounds showed I was ovulating each time, but we still didn’t have any success becoming pregnant. After it was obvious the third round of the drug wasn’t working, I told my doctor I wanted to take a break and maybe consider more aggressive treatment in a few months.

I can’t say what made me start researching acupuncture because I had never tried it before, but after some Googling I found Erin’s website and emailed her. She followed up very quickly and we had a wonderful phone chat about what I had going on. She agreed that it sounded like it might be a luteal phase issue but we would take it one step at a time. I saw her that very next week for my first session. It was wonderful to finally feel like someone was listening to me and my body, and a relief to be receiving treatment that left me relaxed instead of stressed and moody. and the herbs she gave me to take were affordable and didn’t cause any adverse side effects. Although she usually recommends waiting a few months after treatment begins to start trying to get pregnant, Erin gave me her blessing to try just that first month since my husband was scheduled to be out of the country for work for the next two-three cycles. A couple weeks later I couldn’t believe it when after just 2 sessions with Erin I had signs I was ovulating on day 14 of my cycle, something that had NEVER happened before! The next week when I saw her again she said she had a good feeling about it and sure enough, I had to cancel my fourth session because I had just taken a positive pregnancy test.

My husband and I, especially him, were major skeptics about this method of fertility treatment but now we are true believers. We still don’t understand why or how it worked, but it really doesn’t matter. I am happy to say that I am now towards the end of my second trimester and things have been going fairly smoothly thus far. We are expecting a little boy this spring and couldn’t be more excited! I highly recommend Erin for acupuncture treatments, especially for fertility. Aside from the success I had, the sessions were very beneficial for my mental well-being and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Sara G. – Santa Rosa


Erin Prucha - Acupuncture Santa Rosa


“I reached out to Erin Prucha after meeting her at a health fair in Santa Rosa in the spring of 2011. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at age 50, a chronic and degenerative neurological disease. I began work with Erin when all the symptoms were ‘stable’ (under control with use of western medicine) yet I was severely lacking in any measure of vitality or ease or sense of well-being in my daily life. Work with Erin brought vitality, ease and a greater sense of well-being back into my life. What more could anyone ask of a healer?

Erin is professional in all ways:

**In her consistent concern for her client’s wellbeing.

**In her acute observation of her client’s condition at each visit, with an excellent memory for the client’s particular strengths and weaknesses for maintenance between visits.

**In her very personable and forth right nature in all of her interactions with the client.

**Her profound belief in both the curative nature of acupuncture and incredible faith that progress towards a better balance and reduction of the stress of presenting symptoms is more than possible.

**Her very high performance standards that she holds herself up to.

In short, I found Erin to be an optimistic, thorough, attentive, well-educated and patient healer. I highly recommend her.”

Mary Karp. Santa Rosa



“Acupuncture has helped me breathe better! I’ve had sinus problems most of my life and as a scuba diver It was problematic! I no longer have to wait for my ears “to clear” before I can dive!

Erin is highly intuitive, and can sense those imbalances that prevent us from being healthy. Every visit feels safe, comfortable with a knowledge that are being cared for with compassion and respect. Erin is also an amazing herbalist, and has helped my menopausal/heat/irritation issues with Chinese herbs and herbal formulas. I was originally referred to Erin by the Thermography Center of Sonoma County. My scan showed some risky areas in the breast tissue. After one set of treatments, 12 visits, my scan improved by an entire number! Erin has helped me reverse the unhealthy blockages of energy that were developing into early breast cancer. I have been much happier, more relaxed and grounded, knowing I am in good hands with an amazing healer!”

Linda Illsley



“A friend recently told me about her acupuncturist, Erin Prucha, and suggested that I try her out too. Being that I’m now 54, I have a myriad of body aches and pains that seem to take random turns, showing up to torture me. Last week was particularly challenging, both emotionally and physically. I had wrenched my right shoulder and elbow and experienced a traumatic bit of new from a close family member a few days earlier. I wanted to say in bed, take some pain meds, and sleep for a week. Instead I called Erin. After meeting her, she asked me some specific questions about my body, took my pulses, and then carefully placed the acupuncture needles, focusing on the problem areas in particular. She was careful to always make sure that I was comfortable and not feeling anything unpleasant. As Soon as she left the room to allow the needles to work, I stated weeping and continued to experience a profound emotional release as I lay there. Then at the end of the session, I rose to find that my neck pain was nearly completely gone and my range of motion in my shoulder and slow had greatly improved. The pain there was also nearly gone! I was also more relaxed than I’d been in weeks… maybe months.

This is definitely a treatment that I will be incorporating into my regular preventative health routine! Thanks Erin!”

Sheila Hensen – Santa Rosa


“For the last year, acupuncture has been a high point in my week. I originally sought out acupuncture after test driving every other holistic treatment I could find for my rampant insomnia with discouraging or inconsistent results. I was sleeping two or three hours a night for weeks at a time and, needless to say, I was a bit rough around the edges. After my first session, I went home and slept for nine hours straight. After a few more treatments, I started to see consistent improvement in my sleeping patterns. I started sleeping around four hours per night with a couple nights a week of five or more hours of sleep. Now, after a year of treatment, I sleep at least six hours a night. Actually, I would no longer consider myself to be an insomniac; a sleepless night has become a rare occasion.

Erin provides a safe and comfortable space in which I can relax and separate myself from my busy life, even if only for an hour. I also consider it to be one of very few places where I can be candid and unapologetic, I don’t have to put on a brave face or keep up appearances like I might socially or at work. When I’m overwhelmed, which comes with the territory of being a workaholic and full time grad student, I know I can vent or cry or laugh deliriously or anything else I need to do. She always has a sympathetic ear and some well-placed needles ready for me so I feel better in no time! My perspective of it is unique because Erin is so caring and delightful, it’s more like catching up with a great friend than having a treatment. Instead of thinking “I have an acupuncture appointment tonight,” I think “Yay, I get to see Erin tonight! I can’t wait to tell her about…”

Erin provides a fantastic service that I consider to be an essential part of my life. THANK YOU!”

Kristen Reese – Santa Rosa



“Acupuncture has helped me with problems that I didn’t even know I had, along with correcting some that were obvious to the world. Being a recent Radiation and Neurosurgery patient, I have had trouble adjusting to my limited sleeping positions due to the uncomfortable Right Temporal Shunt placement. This positioning issue has led to shoulder pain, lower back pain, and overall sleep deprivation. When my sleep habits cause me physical pain, Erin can not only fix it, but detect it upon arrival. Her gift of healing is almost a spiritual experience, as I was a skeptical patient initially; I have now drunk the Kool-Aid of Acupuncture and consider myself a convert. Not only is Erin a talented healer, but amazingly perceptive and always knows when you have the twinge of pain; be it physical or emotional, and assists you in releasing the knot that it is tied up in and then aides in its release.

I have always felt uncomfortable with strangers touching me, be it a manicurist, massage therapist, or even an occasional helping hands with a hair do. However, from my first treatment with Erin, I have developed a trustful regard for her. She is sincere, and contemplative, she is a warm smile, and at times a sharp needle. Just like a dear friend that can see the issues you are facing. , Erin has found a way to see the physical battles you are facing, and with her treatment your battles over the vessel that is your body is no longer a solo endeavor.

Thanks for all the love and tender care you provide, Erin. You turned a cynic into an addict (in the good way).”

Nancy Smith


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