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Chinese herbs in Chinese Medicine are blended together to correct the underlying imbalance in the body and to alleviate  symptoms. There are more than 600 single herbs and more than 400 traditional formulas in the Chinese medicinal pharmacopoeias. A well–designed Chinese herb formula can treat many different symptoms at once.

Depending on your condition, Chinese herbs may play an important role in your treatment plan. While conditions like back pain or arthritis tend to respond best to acupuncture, internal problems with digestion, sleep, menopause, skin, immunity, and reproductive health tend to be best treated with a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Taking a personalized herb blend allows you to reinforce the same message that we send to your body during acupuncture about how to get back into balance. Because formulas are aimed at correcting the underlying imbalance in the body, a well–designed Chinese Herb formula can treat many different symptoms at once.

Chinese herbal formulas have been used safely and effectively for over thousands of years. But since every individual is unique, these classic formulas are modified to address your particular condition.

Most Chinese herbs can be safely taken in conjunction with Western medication, and may even help to offset the negative side effects of prescription drugs. If you are taking medication, it is important to let your acupuncturist know so that negative drug-herb interactions may be avoided.

All the Chinese Herbs prescribed at this office have been lab tested for safety and purity, and to ensure that they contain no heavy metals, harmful bacteria, or other potentially harmful substances. All ready-made Chinese medicinals sold here meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and contain no pharmaceuticals.

Erin Prucha, L.Ac., is a Nationally Certified Diplomate in both Chinese Herbology and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), the highest distinctions in the field.

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