What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture originated in China over 3,000 years ago and is presently used as a primary health care system throughout much of the world. It is a method of balancing and building the body’s life force or energy known as “Qi.” Acupuncturists recognize particular pathways called “meridians” through which this energy circulates. Oriental medicine views disease as the result of an imbalance or blockage in the body’s natural energy flow. Such imbalance manifests in physical, emotional and psychosomatic stress-related disorders. The diagnostic process takes into account our physical and emotional constitution, and incorporates the external environmental or lifestyle influences that may be related to the symptoms. Very thin, sterile, stainless steel needles are inserted into specific points along meridians in order to disperse the blockage and mobilize the body’s natural immune response. Needling is one of a number of energy balancing techniques. Also included in traditional therapies are dietary counseling, various oriental massage techniques, moxibustion (a technique of stimulating acupuncture points with heat), cupping (a suctioning therapy good for pain relief, as well as herbal remedies).

Symptoms and diseases are not isolated occurrences; they are signs pointing to an underlying imbalance within the body. Oriental Medicine treats not only the symptoms of an illness, but also aims to correct the underlying imbalances that have caused the illness to arise. In other words, the focus is on the root of the disease, as well as the symptoms. This treatment approach results in better overall health, and it helps to prevent the return of an illness and its symptoms in the future.

Getting to the root of your symptoms.

Each of the acupuncture points act as a gate – sending energetic information electromagnetically via the fascia deep into the body. The following are some of the benefits of regular acupuncture treatments:

PROMOTES HEALING: Small hair like needles prompt the body the restore homeostasis and balance.

RELEASES BLOCKAGE: Releases areas of blocked Qi which stimulates organ function & promotes health.

IMPROVES CIRCULATION: Promotes blood, lymph, and Qi circulation in the body improves function where needed.

DECREASES PAIN: Acts as a natural analgesic, acupuncture interrupts pain signaling.

BALANCES BODY CHEMISTRY: Influences the body’s biochemical responses via the nervous system. This helps with overall balance including “balancing hormones”.

REDUCES INFLAMMATION: Reduces proinflammatory markers, or proteins, in the body.

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