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Telemedicine Services Now Available!

As a response to the current situation of the coronavirus and COVID-19, I am now offering telemedicine sessions for patients who reside in the state of California.

I do not need to see you in person to help you! I am studied in the whole system of Traditional Chinese Medicine, not just acupuncture. This includes:

  • Dietary Recommendations
  • Herbal and other Supplement Recommendations
  • Stretching Recommendations
  • At home self-acupressure to open the lungs and support the immune system
  • Breathing techniques, especially important during this time for both lung strength and to reduce anxiety, worry, and fear.


If you have a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 there are certain herbal strategies that have proven useful in China that we can administer with close watch.   (Please note that Chinese herbal medicine is not a substitute for conventional medical diagnosis and treatment and should only be used as a supportive measure for patients who have been told by their physician that they are stable enough to recover at home.)

Gold standard care remains full-scope/in-person Chinese medicine (including acupuncture). However, my goal with telemedicine is to minimize disruption to your current treatment plan, to support your immune function, to assist you in illness prevention and/or recovery, and/or to address emotional challenges such as anxiety, worry, and fear associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many conditions can be helped via our telemedicine platform. Chinese herbal medicine has been around for thousands of years and has natural, herbal solutions for most conditions. Consider scheduling an appointment for stress, anxiety, pain, sleeplessness, digestive disorders, cold and flu symptoms and more. If you have questions about if we can help you, please contact us. 

How does it work?

During our time I will listen to your concerns, if we are using video conferencing, I may look at areas of your body including looking at your tongue to make a Chinese medicine diagnosis. Depending on your concerns I may use the following tools to help you:

  • Prescription of herbal medicines and/or dietary supplements which I can have shipped to your doorstep through my distributors.
  • Individualized dietary and/or lifestyle advice.
  • Instruction in a variety of targeted self-care techniques.
  • Answers to your questions.
  • Acupressure and breathing routines to help keep your body and qi meridians balanced.

Session are conducted using Facetime or ZOOM. In the event that you lack the technology required for video sessions, or you would prefer simplicity, sessions can also be conducted by telephone.

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Telemedicine Appointment:

Initial Telemedicine Appointment – Will require filling out New Patient forms and signing consent form. 
30-45 minutes – $120
Follow-up Telemedicine Appointment:
15-30 minutes – $25 for each 15 minutes.
Most sessions should be 15-30 minutes long. Payment will be collected at the end of the session over the phone and processed immediately through our credit card processor, or I will send you an invoice through PayPal.

VETERANS: GREAT NEWS! The VA has agreed to cover telehealth sessions as long as you have a current authorization with me.

Insurance: Some insurance will cover the sessions. Please email me with your insurance plan and we will verity coverage for telehealth.


My telemedicine services are not a substitute to medical care  for diagnosis, treatment or management of COVID-19. Continuing with my mission, I am here to provide evidence based, integrative health care and to be of service to our community.

Online scheduling